Friday, January 15, 2010

After removal of gel nails....?

after you removed your gel nails were your real nails all damaged? Mine are cracking and missing layers- they look terrible! i don't know if i should go back to the place i got them done and complain or if this is what is expected after you get gels removed. thanksAfter removal of gel nails....?
That's what happened to my nails!

I was basically ashamed of my nails after the gel nails came off.

There were a lot of layers missing. Hopefully, you're like me and your hair and nails grow fast. Within a month, maybe even sooner, you'll have all the layers back.

You'll be able to tell how fast your nails are growing when they actually start growing because you can feel a bump, or an indent, right where the new layers are coming in behind the missing layers.

It feels kind of cool but doesn't look too good.

You can paint your nails and it'll take away from the missing layers.

I didn't go back because I figured they couldnt do anything about it except give me more gel nails and I knew that was a horrible idea at the moment =)

Good luck!After removal of gel nails....?
Yep, it's gonna happen!

In a few weeks they will look fine..but for a quick fix, file them and use a buffer to smooth them out and put your fav. nail color on them and you shouldn't notice much if anything at all.
Yes that's normal, it happens to me everytime I take my gel nails off. I would suggest in the future to go back and get them soaked off rather than ripping them off yourself. That way you won't lose as many layers, but the nail will still be weak. Just get a good nail strengthening treatment, buff down the nail, and apply the treatment regularly. Good luck!

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